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Working with the right yacht broker gives you the ability to be protected throughout the delicate steps of the yacht-buying process, and having access to all the right yachting professionals and vendors is only the beginning. By specializing in honest and candid market insight, we empower our clients’ decision making.

A Full Service Yacht Brokerage

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Yacht Management



If you need a loan in the million dollar and up range, it can be a very different process in the world of finance...and we can help!!!

We find that having a pre-approved finance line of credit has been valuable for our owners who always pay cash. Because of the large sums of money involved, we sometimes find that the yacht is completed and ready to ship at a time that is just “inconvenient as hell” as one owner put it, to suddenly pull several million in cash out of his business.


Yacht Management



Insurance is one of those things nobody pays much attention to – until it’s needed!   Over the past twenty years, we have had a lot of opportunities to watch our owners learn the hard way; it’s important to plan for insurance with some care and forethought. Guiding you in this critical area is just another service we provide to our owners. While no insurance company wants to pay claims, some pay claims a lot faster and a lot more fairly than other companies.

Yacht Management

Yacht Management

Concierge Services


We offer owners a management support service capable of handling the full spectrum of large yacht operations. From financial reporting to the supervision of yard time, our dedicated team has the specific knowledge and experience to deliver solutions. We provide owners with reduced downtime and lower costs as well as effective management and budget controls. Ultimately, giving yacht owners greater safety, enjoyment and peace of mind.

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Concierge Services


Our mission is to go above and beyond our clients expectations. We're committed to the notion that quality and service matters, so we bring only the very best. We’re driven by inspiration, innovation and resourcefulness. Understanding every client's lifestyle, their wants and needs is our main goal. We can provide: Gas & Diesel at your dock, Luxury Car Service and Personal Drivers, Private Jet & Helicopter Accommodations, Hotel and Spa Reservations & Personal Chefs...The sky's the limit.

Crew Services

Concierge Services

Crew Services


FYT Yacht Brokerage offers a highly personable approach for our clients while striving to go above and beyond our competitors to ensure success. Unlike other boat dealers we select each client’s crew based on more than just interviewing, reference checks, licensing and experience; we try to gain a detailed understanding of the program, owner's usage & preferences, crew dynamics, profiling, and interests in order to find the best possible fit. We look forward to building a professional relationship with you while searching out the perfect boats for sale.

Custom SeaDek Flooring


Your Boat Gets Scanned

We will come to you, or you can come to us (with an appointment) and we will use our state-of-the-art machines to precisely measure every surface of your boat where you want to have SeaDek installed.

Your Boat Gets Drawn

One of our experienced CAD designers takes all the scans of your boat and will draw out every piece while taking several factors into consideration, such as the direction of the brushed texture to ensure the texture doesn’t change direction and look out of place. It’s the little things that will make the biggest difference and our attention to detail will make your boat shine.

Your Foam Gets Cut

Our day in the shop starts out with cleaning and recalibrating our tools before foam ever hits the cutting table. This ensures that we achieve a clean-cut and a finished product that our customers will be happy with. From there our CNC machinist prepares the foam, secures it to the table and monitors the machines while they shape the foam. Once the foam has been cut the machinist then inspects every piece for quality assurance before it’s placed on the completed shelf.

Your Boat Gets Stuck

It’s D-Day, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your masterpiece is just about ready for its maiden voyage, all that’s left to do is stick the SeaDek in the right place, but we take a few more steps than that. Once the install process has begun, our installers lose their shoes and throw on a fresh pair of socks, this keeps foreign objects and oils from encountering the boat during the installation. First, we prepare your boat, we try our best to remove any debris from the surface to ensure the foam will adhere to the boat without any obstructions. Using acetone removes any left behind oils that can cause the SeaDek to lose its grip over time. Our installers will double and triple check the alignment before the backing ever gets peeled.


Meridian 459 CPMY


Searay 580 Sedan Bridge Helm

Yacht Controller or Yacht Graphx


FYT Marine is the Gulf Coast's premier dealer offering  the full line of The Yacht Groups products including Yacht Controller, Yacht Graphx, Yacht Thruster, Yacht Command, Yacht Protector, Yacht Beam & Yacht Cam and Yacht Gear - Go Cycle Marine.

We bring the highest quality products, expertise, professionalism and support to the yachting community. This is the hallmark of our brands through "innovative technology for the marine industry". Our marine products are used on thousands of yachts of all sizes on more than 250+ brands and counting.